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Calgary Pre-Marriage Counselling for Couples

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Marriage is a big commitment. How do I know if I’m ready to say, “I do” ?

Congratulations! You are getting married

The journey to saying your wedding vows can be an amazing one. You should be excited to be on such an adventure of committing yourself to that very special person. It is a time of celebration.

Yet, getting married can be overwhelming. When you suddenly realize what marriage is about, you may feel like yelling, “Woah! There’s too much to it. How will we ever make it work?!” But, just like learning any other skill, we can also learn how to be successful at creating an amazing marriage.

“What Does Pre-marriage Counselling
Help With?”

1. Understand one another’s expectations, dreams and desires

Going into marriage blindly trusting that everything will turn out right is a recipe for disaster. We need to understand one another’s expectations about marriage, how we see our roles as a couple, the dreams we have for the future and how we are wired to best receive love. This understanding before marriage helps you get on the same page. Knowing what we are honestly committing to, strengthens the marriage commitment and bond.

2. Discover effective communication methods

Most of us are decent enough at communicating when times are good. However, when conflict or disagreements arise most of us lack the skill needed to be able to listen and communicate well. We either dig our heals in, or try to get away. Counselling helps you to consistently know how to create win-win communication with your partner no matter how complicated life gets.

3. Get clear on future goals, money, leisure, love & sex

Couples need to understand what kind of world they will be creating together. They need to know what to expect in terms of a joint financial future, how free time will be spend, what kind of friends they want to have, how compatible they are with intimacy and sex, along with how their life goals mesh with one another. This helps to establish a good foundation to build upon. Counselling can assist you in figuring out such matters as you build a life together.

4. Learn about how your unique personalities & innate differences

You are marrying someone with shared interests, but also very different from you. Knowing one another’s personality and how you are wired helps to better appreciate what each of you can contribute to the relationship in a complementary manner. It reduces conflict and brings greater understanding into one another’s differences.

 5. Learn how to resolve conflicts, as they arise

Conflict is inevitable, but arguing is not. We can avoid unnecessary fighting when we learn how to actively listen, even when there are disagreements. Every couple should know what to do when they can’t move through conflict well. Counselling helps to learn these skills so you can get on with the business of being an amazing couple, without constantly needing to repair from needless arguments.

Calgary Pre-Marriage Counselling for Couples

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