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Personal Growth Counselling Calgary

Dr. Michael Haggstrom and Marcus Pankiw, Clinical Psychotherapists

We are happiest when we live up
to our potential.

“I Need to Be More”

Personal growth is the continuing process of developing yourself
toward living up to your fullest potential.

There are 5 Areas of Personal Growth:

Emotional – Intellectual – Relational – Physical – Spiritual

We will live with an unease inside of us, a restlessness of dissatisfaction,
until we engage a path of growth that helps us evolve toward something more.
Only when we are on this path do we feel a sense of meaning, satisfaction and happiness.

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1. Self-Confidence

Counselling helps you know yourself more, discover your truest potential and learn of what is holding yourself back from living up to your highest self.

2. Self-Awareness

Counselling enables you to better understand your beliefs, values and purpose in your pursuit of happiness.
Your dreams can only be fulfilled when they are aligned with the deeper parts of your true self.

3. Clarity of Direction

When you know yourself, you become clearer in where you want to take your life. Decisions come more easily.
Goals are quicker to set and achieve. You no longer procrastinate.

4. Motivation & Forward Motion

Once you know the direction you want to take your life, motivation is no longer a problem.
You are excited to get up in the morning and accomplish tasks more easily.

5. Better Relationships

Knowing yourself and what you’re about enables you to build the right relationships that uplift you.
You know how to discern who should be in your life and who should not be.
Being around the right people propels you toward greater fulfillment and success.

Personal Growth Counselling Calgary

Michael Haggstrom & Marcus Pankiw help clients live up to their potential.
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Dr. Michael Haggstrom
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It can take time to experience lasting change.
Knowing yourself & then having a plan are the first steps
toward creating a happier life.