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We provide individualized tailor-made solutions to help you achieve your personal goals and create the success you’re looking for. You deserve to feel good about who you are and where you’re going in life.

For your convenience, we offer you 2 choices: IN-PERSON Appointments & VIDEO Appointments.

We help couples improve communication, resolve conflict, increase intimacy and overcome the obstacles to their happiness. We can work with you to gain insight, discover strategies for improvement and help coach you toward your success.

Improve Communication Skills

Relationship success depends largely on how well we communicate and listen. We can all benefit from learning how to improve our ability to understand one another and more clearly express our needs and wants.  Communication is an art and a skill we cannot do without.

Stress, Mood and Anger Management

The stresses of life can build up and cause distress when they go unmanaged. We get overwhelmed. We want to lash out at those around us. Learning how to manage emotions can go a long way to living a life of greater control.

Overcoming Anxiety, Worry and Fear

Anxiety affects nearly everyone. It holds us back and keeps us trapped in a negative mind. Counselling therapy helps to understand the issues causing anxiety and equips you with specialized skills to overcome it. No one needs to live in a fearful mind.


The road to greater self-esteem and fulfillment is to live a life that reaches our potential. What goals are you seeking to achieve? We help clients with personal growth; to help them develop plans to fulfill their dreams that match how they are uniquely wired.

Managing & Overcoming Addictions

Anyone can struggle with dependencies and addictions. We help people develop practical skills to overcome their addictive behaviours and, when needed, go deeper into the root causes of what is preventing them from experiencing the freedom they desire.

Healing Therapy – Depression, Grief and Trauma

We help people heal through tough times whether it is with depression, anxiety, grief, loss or trauma. You don’t need to stay in a negative mind. Counselling can give you the place you need to work through your internal pain and to find peace.

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