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Calgary Mental Health Counselling Therapy

Dr. Michael Haggstrom and Marcus Pankiw, Clinical Psychotherapists

“Thoughts and emotions are meant
to be enjoyed and mastered.”

When we have strong minds we are more confident

Sometimes our mind gets stuck in negativity and our emotions bring us down. We lose productivity and strength, yet still feel the pressure to have it all together.

So, we put on a brave face and pretend that everything is alright. If the negativity goes on for too long, our mental health suffers.

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Physical, Mental and Emotional Health are Essential

    Good Health helps us in our :
  Ability to Focus and Achieve our Goals
  Self-Confidence and Enjoyment in Life
  Ability to Solve Problems and Control Worry
  Intimate Relationships, Family and Friends
  Positive Outlook on Life and the Future
  Ability to Manage Stress and Frustrations

The Challenge

According to Statistics Canada:

At any given time in the year, at least 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental health problem.

50% of all Canadians will have had a mental illness by the time they’ve reached the age of 40.

People with mental health problems are twice as likely to struggle with addictions.

When we struggle with depression, anxiety, stress, grief or trauma we will find unhealthy ways to cope in order to mask how we feel. We will turn to addictions, isolation, anger, over-work and other means to avoid the real issue. There is no shame in admitting we are struggling. It is more common than you think.

Mental health issues have increased in the past 20 years. The stress of living in a city made of concrete, the increased costs of making a living and being surrounded by all the busyness of city life – all influence our moods negatively.

As a society, we are getting worse at dealing with mental health problems, not better. A large part of this is because individuals feel embarrassed. They fear they will be seen as weak if they ask for help.

However, studies show that those who seek help, recover more quickly. Ignoring mental health concerns only makes matters worse.

We can all benefit from learning better skills at defeating those negative moods when they take over our minds. Psychology is a science that understands how the mind works and has developed skills to break negative patterns before they get out of hand.

Counselling helps teach clients in an individualized manner how to apply those methods and experience the better, happier life.

Calgary, Mental Health Counselling Therapy Services

We offer counselling that provides you with independent, objective professional help that can get you feeling happy and more productive once again.

We help clients struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, worry, anger and addictions.

Dr. Michael Haggstrom and Marcus Pankiw are happy to talk with you.
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Dr. Michael Haggstrom
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“Smart people don’t try to do everything on their own.
They know how to get help whenever they need it.”

How good is your mental health?
Quick Mental Health Self-Test

Answer YES or NO for each question below

1. Have you felt tired or run-down lately?                              YES  /  NO
2. Have you felt a sense of sadness or frustration?             YES  /  NO
3. Have you been withdrawing from those around you?    YES  /  NO
4. Are you on edge or arguing more than usual?                 YES  /  NO
5. Is it hard to turn off racing thoughts?                                YES  /  NO
6. Has your thinking been negative lately?                           YES  /  NO
7. Are concerns piling up to the point of feeling overwhelmed?                           YES  /  NO
8. Have you had thoughts that life is just too hard & maybe not worth living?   YES  /  NO
9. Have you found yourself engaging more than you’d like in eating, dieting, drinking,
gambling, medicating, drugs, working, gaming or surfing the internet?                YES  /  NO
10. Has your work performance been suffering?                                                     YES  /  NO

What’s your score?

Count up your total answers to YES
Score of 1 = You’re a little off, but probably nothing serious.
Score of 2-3 = Something is up. Best to take action before it gets worse.
Score of more than 4 = You are definitely not well. Address it as soon as possible.

– Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Article: Mental Illness and Addictions: Facts and Statistics.